Our Vision

The Word of Life Fellowship Church Vision consists of a number of things:

  1. To see men and women, boys and girls born into the family of God.
  2. To see believers come into the knowledge of and receive the benefits of the baptism with the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking with other tongues.
  3. To let people know that God is not a respecter of persons. Acts 10:34-35. Race, financial status, environment, or background will never stop the flow of God’s blessings.
  4. To let people know that they do not have to stay in the condition they’re in. They must know that God will heal their sick bodies, He will deliver them that are tormented mentally, He will deliver them from financial bondage, or whatever their problem is.
  5. People must know that the only way they’re going to truly reap these benefits is by hearing and doing the Word of God.
  6. To see believers have a burning desire to go on into spiritual maturity and not be satisfied just to stay in the babyhood stage of spiritual growth and development.
  7. Our goal is to:
    1. Teach men how to live godly, and be the man God called them to be. To teach husbands how to love their wives and children, and how to lead their families in line with the Word of God.
      b. Teach women how to live virtuously before God and the world. To teach them how to be good wives and mothers according to the Word of God.
      c. Let teenagers and younger children know that God loves them too, and wants to be number one in their lives to show them how to live for him in the midst of the many pressures they have to face.
      d. Provide Christian recreation geared towards the entire family.
  8. To touch and affect lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Cheraw, Chesterfield County, North and South Carolina, this nation and the world.
  9. To build or buy other land and facilities for the work of the ministry as the Holy Spirit directs.
  10. To make sure that we keep a heart of thanksgiving, making sure God gets the Glory for everything we accomplish.